The SMART Solution For The Volumetric Industry.

In a world driven by data and technology, there’s no reason your concrete shouldn’t be. Take accuracy and precision to a new level with ACCU-POUR™. Let the everyday details drive decisions and business growth, not guesstimates. See what ACCU-POUR™ is all about today by scheduling a demonstration.


ACCU-POUR™ is a suite of productivity tools focused on adding smart technology to the volumetric concrete industry. Office and Mobile, two major components of ACCU-POUR™, are compatible with any volumetric mixer and connect your office, dispatch, and volumetric mixer fleet in real-time. Blend the big picture with everyday details and gain complete control of your business through ACCU-POUR™ Mobile and Office.

Industry Approved

We work in the concrete industry every day, but the needs of producers is why we created ACCU-POUR™. Driven by continual feedback, this suite of solutions is never finalized. Hear how our customers benefit every day.

How It Works

GPS fleet tracking. Electronic scheduling. From pouring concrete at the touch of a button to digital batch tickets and up-to-the minute reporting on completed jobs and material usage, ACCU-POUR™ works for your business every day.


At a high level, ACCU-POUR™ is a productivity solution, but it’s so much more. Planning, dispatch, historical statistics, and streamlined recordkeeping are four ways we strive to help every concrete producer. Schedule a demonstration today to learn how ACCU-POUR™ can revolutionize your business.

v 4.1: Electronic Signature & Credit Card Pre-Authorization

Start leveraging the power of your pour data with the addition of Reporting & Export capabilities.


Concrete rarely changes, but when the data does, you need to know. From more integration options to expanding features, ACCU-POUR™ strives to keep your business up-to-date.

Schedule A Demo

Retire the shoebox of receipts — schedule an ACCU-POUR™ demonstration today and say hello to your 21st century shoebox.

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