ACCU-POUR™ is a suite of productivity solutions that provide concrete producers intelligent mixers to help grow and scale their businesses profitably.

Revolutionizing The Industry

The ACCU-POUR™ suite can make an impact in every size operation, wireless and cloud-based, the tools provide a holistic view of your business operations, from up-to-the-minute to a yearly overview. Blend the big picture together with everyday details and gain complete control over your concrete through ACCU-POUR™.

How Does It Work?

1. Customer Orders Concrete

2. Dispatch Enters Job Information Into AP Office

3. AP Mobile Receives Job Information and Wirelessly Sends To C60

4. Operator Completes Pour and Production Data is Sent to AP Office

5. AP Office Receives Ticket Info, Closes Out Job, Analyzes Data

Choose Your Unit

Cemen Tech M Series & Other Volumetric Mixer Brands Cemen Tech C Series
AP Office
Create & Schedule Orders
Manage Multiple Job Orders
Fleet Tracking
Custom Reporting with Excel Export
View & Assign Synced Mix Design from Mixer Fleet
Live Job Status
Unassigned Ticket Management
Compare Ordered vs. Actual Ticket Data
AP Mobile
View Daily Orders
Google Map Integration
Add Jobsite Pictures
Record Final Pour Data
Send Orders to Mixer via Tablet
Final Pour Details Sent Back to Tablet
Track Every Yard
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