The SMART Solution For The Volumetric Industry.

In a world driven by data and technology, there’s no reason your concrete shouldn’t be. Take accuracy and precision to a new level with ACCU-POUR™. Let the everyday details drive decisions and business growth, not guesstimates. See what ACCU-POUR™ is all about today by scheduling a demonstration.


ACCU-POUR™ is a suite of productivity tools focused on adding smart technology to the volumetric concrete industry. Office and Mobile, two major components of ACCU-POUR™, are compatible with any volumetric mixer and connect your office, dispatch, and volumetric mixer fleet in real-time. Blend the big picture with everyday details and gain complete control of your business through ACCU-POUR™ Mobile and Office.

Industry Approved

We work in the concrete industry every day, but the needs of producers is why we created ACCU-POUR™. Driven by continual feedback, this suite of solutions is never finalized. Hear how our customers benefit every day.

“One of the really nice things about ACCU-POUR ™ is the ability to see how much material, remotely, we have used on a single pour. So, having that remote access to see what the truck has done on a particular day is fantastic.”
Steve Harry
Managing Partner,
Alpha Omega Concrete Solutions
"We started our volumetric mixer business this year [2020] and started fully relying on ACCU-POUR™ after about 2 months and it’s been a game changer. All orders ring in to my cellphone and no matter where I am, or if I have a computer or not, I can quickly locate our trucks, plug in the new order and assign it to a truck. It pops up for the driver on his tablet and he’s off and running. The reporting feature has been huge for us to help track our materials inventory, especially cement powder. A few clicks and we can get a report that shows usage and we have a pretty accurate reading of what we have left. I definitely recommend this program if you want to systematize your mixer business.”
Mark McDonough
I-80 Concrete

How It Works

GPS fleet tracking. Electronic scheduling. From pouring concrete at the touch of a button to digital batch tickets and up-to-the minute reporting on completed jobs and material usage, ACCU-POUR™ works for your business every day.


At a high level, ACCU-POUR™ is a productivity solution, but it’s so much more. Planning, dispatch, historical statistics, and streamlined recordkeeping are four ways we strive to help every concrete producer. Schedule a demonstration today to learn how ACCU-POUR™ can revolutionize your business.

v 4.1: Electronic Signature & Credit Card Pre-Authorization

Start leveraging the power of your pour data with the addition of Reporting & Export capabilities.


Concrete rarely changes, but when the data does, you need to know. From more integration options to expanding features, ACCU-POUR™ strives to keep your business up-to-date.

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Retire the shoebox of receipts — schedule an ACCU-POUR™ demonstration today and say hello to your 21st century shoebox.

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