Diamond 8 Concrete’s Core Business Revolves Around ACCU-POUR™

Businesses of all types and sizes lean on technology daily to simplify routines, often after major growth in a business creates new problems. Growth is great for a business, but means processes and ways of conducting business have to change to keep up.  

But what if a technology platform, custom-designed for concrete businesses, solved business problems every day?

That’s what ACCU-POUR™ does every day for Diamond 8 Concrete, according to owner Mike Perez.

“The core of our business revolves around ACCU-POUR™. Our office is fluent with the Cemen Tech ACCU-POUR™ system. We can move customers, see our aggregates, check our schedules, move our schedules, and make sure we can collect everything we need to that day,” Perez said.

Accuracy On Two Fronts

ACCU-POUR™ makes communication between the truck and the office simple yet provides critical information that helps keep the business pouring efficiently while also keeping an eye on profitability.

“The truck talks to the iPad, then the iPad talks to our office. We’re able to get all the information in real-time,” Perez said. “We’re able to make our adjustments with our drivers as the day goes on. It’s a battle against the clock — we’re trying to pour as much concrete as we can in a day.”

One area of the business to see an immediate improvement was ticketing. Perez noted he knew tracking tickets had the potential to be confusing and time-consuming. So, the company began using ACCU-POUR™ as soon as they received the first C Series mixer. The system improved efficiency in the office — and the field.

“It also helps us keep track of our drivers and know where they’re at,” Perez said. “If someone finishes [a job] sooner, we can make a quick change and move another driver over to another pour.”

Real-Time Information, Real-Time Decisions

Pete Recio, Diamond 8 Concrete operations manager, reiterated Perez’s thoughts on having information from a truck and job in real-time.

“I like the fact that any time of the day, I can check on my trucks, and I’m getting live feed on the progression throughout the day of the trucks,” Recio said. “I’m checking their routes, their materials, how much they’re using, and that helps with the budget as well.”

While Perez, Recio, and others appreciate the efficiency ACCU-POUR™ offers to the business itself, customers also benefit.

“I’m able to provide the customer with an instant invoice. They’re able to see it on my phone or my tablet,” Recio said. “‘Look, this is what [was] poured and this is specifically for your location.’ We have the address, names, and how much yardage in concrete we’ve provided for them.”

Help Your Business Grow Beyond Pouring Concrete

Meeting customer needs with high-quality concrete is an ongoing process. But, as is the case for Diamond 8 Concrete, ACCU-POUR™ has provided a new level of efficiency to the entire business. 

“It’s going to help your business, not just the way you pour concrete, but it’s going to help you be efficient, and it’s going to help you know where everything is in real-time,” Perez said. 

To learn how ACCU-POUR™ can change your concrete business, schedule a one-on-one demonstration today.

Diamond 8 Concrete: At A Glance

MARKET SERVICE: Rio Grande Valley, Texas
CUSTOMER PROFILE: Residential & Commercial Concrete Delivery
EQUIPMENT: Cemen Tech C Series